MetaMask Extension & A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps

What is web browser MetaMask Extension?

Generally, when cryptocurrencies were introduced, they did not have any expendable value. As soon as it started to gain financial worth, the need for safe digital platforms to store them became mandatory. So, that’s when crypto accounts were designed and introduced. Here, we’ll be discussing one of the most renowned and reliable crypto wallets of all time- the MetaMask Extension wallet or the MetaMask Wallet. The most flexible feature about this wallet is that being a browser extension, it always stays on your device providing the highest levels of efficiency.

Steps: How to Install MetaMask Extension?

We consider that you should download the mobile app as well for the flexibility of notifications and alerts.
However, In this section we will be talking about the installation procedure of MetaMask Extension:
First, go to the MetaMask official website.
Now, tap on the 'Get Chrome Extension' to install the
MetaMask Extension.
There you will see the 'Add to Chrome' option in the upper right.
Then tap on the 'Add Extension' to complete the installation.
Finally, you will be able to see a 'Fox' icon on the top right corner of Chrome.

After finishing the sign-up procedure, you are eligible to sign in to the MetaMask account. So in this section, we will help you with the login steps for your MetaMask wallet:Launch the extension on your browser.Proceed with submitting the set password.
Make sure the credential has validity.Go on and sign in to have access to the wallet.


The read above has been created to introduce you to the MetaMask extension wallet that helps you with storing and keeping your cryptocurrency funds or tokens safe. You should know this inforamtion that this browser extension wallet service allows you to associate passwords to your account for additional safety and even lets you make trade transactions with a few exchange platforms. The read above will help you install the extension on Chrome and sign into it. However, if you are still facing any issues or have any queries then please contact customer support for better assistance.Steps to use MetaMask Extension: